Founded by Peter Schwarzer, LeOS is built on a foundation of his over 20 years’ experience working in the UK, Asia and the US. Specialising in business analysis and franchise performance metrics, Peter has years of experience working with C-Suite franchise and Fortune 500 executives to deliver strategic analysis that produces results.

As Director of Research at FRANdata Peter Schwarzer managed a team of analysts in creating key franchise performance metrics, best practice analysis and targeted market research.  Peter has also written numerous articles on franchising for U.S. trade publications such as Franchise World, Franchise Update and Forbes to name a few.

He is credited in the creation of the first methodology for the Forbes Best and Worst Franchises in 2014 and has worked closely with the International Franchise Association. Peter brings with him a degree in History and English from Münster, Cologne, an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD from EuropeanViadrina University. 

Behind LeOS Franchise Consulting is a team with more than 70 years of combined franchising experience. LeOS  is bolstered by its strategic partnership with FRANdata — an advisory company that analyses the franchise business model — and FRANdata Australia

As a partner of Franchise Pool International (FPI), we support franchise systems in their international expansion though our market knowledge and presence in 33 countries from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa. 

FPI partners help franchisors find qualified master and franchise partners and offer consulting services for the respective markets.

Why is U.S. franchise experience relevant for the non-U.S. market?

Franchising may not have been invented in the USA, however, since the late 1990s, U.S. franchisors and franchisees achieved unparalleled growth turning the franchise business model into an important economic engine. Franchised companies support close to nine million direct jobs and generate an economic output of just under $900 billion for the U.S. economy. 

One factor contributing to this enormous impact of franchising is a high degree of transparency that is expected from companies choosing franchising as a growth strategy. Thanks to this level of transparency, entire sectors can be analysed in avery detailed fashion, including the franchisor, system and franchisee performance. This analysis helps us understand best practices and others can learn from the best in their class.

How is U.S. best practice relevant for other countries?

Franchising is based on replicable processes and the business model is broadly the same across borders.

Once a company’s product/service has been identified as suitable for a market and international expansion turns into a viable strategy, the operational structures of a franchise concept remain largely identical.

LeOS Franchise Consulting offers access to detailed information which will allow our clients to make better decisions based on objective facts as opposed to optimistic guess work.