Your team is looking to you for answers you won’t always have. How can managers best fulfill their classic functions — planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling — and create a performance focused organization in a world where COVID19-type disruptions will be the norm?

Coaching is a recognized tool for individuals and organizations. However, it remains an elusive term and coaches are often confused with consultants who tell clients what they should do.

If there is one thing coaches do tell corporate clients then it is often the hardest thing: change your attitude and managerial behavior. What this means for the organization and the individuals who a part of the organization is up to each client to determine with the support of the coach.

Change impacts people differently and how you handle it will determine how you and your organization perform in a changing environment.

Coaching provides managers and their organizations with a process to develop awareness and insights and create meaning specific to their needs. It is not change for the sake of change. It is change that is drive by performance outcomes.