Access to years of performance history of franchise brands operating in the US, regardless of whether they are public, privately held or have non-U.S. roots offers security for all stakeholders of franchising.

LeOS partners with FRANdata and FRANdata Australia, the power warehouses of franchise information. Tracking thousands of franchise concepts in the US and Australia, FRANdata is uniquely positioned to evaluate best practice based on the actual historic performance of franchisors, their franchise systems and the franchised business.

This includes the operational set up franchise systems, the investment, fee structure, initial and ongoing support as well as the actual outcomes. We can answer the question of likely it is that franchisees succeed within a franchise system and what the franchisor is doing to enable their partners to fulfil their potential.

To provide context, we analyse a franchise brand’s performance in the context of similar brands in the relevant sector. You can only make good decisions if you have the full picture and our benchmark capabilities help you do exactly that.

Franchise Best Practice — Franchisors and those who are planning to offer franchises are able to measure their operational strategy against the best in class in their industry and sector.

Investment Analysis — Prospective Investors in a franchise brand are able to evaluate franchisor services and support programs and the one time and on-going expenses as well as the profitability of a franchised business. In short, what is the return on their investment in a specific franchise concept based on the actual performance history of the entire system and individual franchised business?

Targeted Marketing — Suppliers can learn which brands are the best fit for their services and how their products may fit into the franchise operations of any given brand. This saves time and money you can waste barking up the wrong tree.